The club

EuroGuinée e.V. – The association introduces itself

The association was founded in Nuremberg in 2002. Among the founding members were both Germans and Africans.

The name EuroGuinée was chosen as a term for international understanding.

The founders’ aim was to bring together Europeans, but also Africans who had become native to Europe, on the one hand, and Africans on the other. The fact that the name of the association was chosen as the name of the state of Guinea is due to the fact that the initiators of the association’s foundation, Dr. Abdoulaye Diallo, Jean Claude Diallo, Dr. Idrissa Traoré, Souleymane Soumah himself come from Guinea. At the same time, however, Guinea stands as an example for other African states: there is no “Guinean” people, but only many peoples with different languages and traditions, united in a state territory called Guinea, whose borders were defined by the former colonial powers.