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Project name – WASH

Health care through water, sanitation and hygiene in Coyah/ Center as a foundation for sustainable

development (SDG’s 3, 6, 17).

The project aims to improve health care, which is essential for sustainable development. (SDG’s 3,

6, 17). The construction of deep wells for the supply of clean drinking water, the construction of

sanitary facilities, as well as the improvement of waste disposal through the establishment of a

recycling center with recycling of the material flows contributes in several ways to improving the

overall hygiene situation and can thereby achieve a positive and sustainable health and Contribute

to SDG 3 welfare. The establishment of a training center at the recycling center, extensive training

on hygiene, waste and the environment, as well as the close cooperation with the local authorities,

provide many impulses for changing the way of thinking and acting, as well as increasing the selfresponsibility

for the future positive and sustainable design of the public and private space.

SDG Sustainable Development Goals the UN

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