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A recycling center for Guinea

EuroGuinée e.V. (, VR No. 3592, is a non-profit association that has been working for international understanding and development cooperation with Guinea since 2002. The projects are not conceived in Germany, but come from partner organizations in Guinea. These ideas, e.g. construction of a health center in the remote inland, are implemented together with the population and the partner organizations. Funds have been applied for from the BMZ for this purpose. The current project in Coyah is focused on the supply of clean water (deep wells, sanitary facilities) and waste recycling. The main focus is to build a recycling yard for processing plastic/plastics as well as organic waste.

EuroGuinée e.V. is looking for interested partner companies that would be willing to support financially as well as to participate in the project. The type of partnership as well as the number of possible partners is open, any support is welcome.

If you are interested, please contact Dr. Diallo Abdoulaye directly at or communication in German).

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