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The Jean Claude DJean Claude  IMG 6682iallo health post project in Guinea.

How did this idea develop ?

In 1998 Jean Claude Diallo travelled to Guinea with a group of German friends to get to know the birthplace of his father. On this occasion, the Council of Elders of the community approached the group with the request for support in establishing a functioning health care system for the population. The group traveled back, but the idea of supporting this community remained.

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On Good Friday, 21.03.2008, our founding member and vice-chairman Jean Claude DIALLO died completely unexpectedly at the age of 62.

He left an unbridgeable gap not only for our association, but especially for his family and friends.
On the basis of a decision of the general meeting, it was decided in the course of 2008 that the Sarèbowal health post should be renamed to Health Post Jean Claude Diallo.

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