If you would like to support our association’s work and/or individual projects, you can make donations to the following account:

Bank account:
VR Bank Nuremberg
Kornburg branch

IBAN: DE97 7606 9559 0001 7797 61

An intended purpose is not necessary here.

For donations for specific projects, simply give us a clear indication.

  • Purpose of use “Recyclinghof
  • Purpose “WASH” for ( development and school hygiene)
  • Intended use “Health post” or “JCD
  • Intended use “Bandelengue” for (Mama Bandelengue)

If you need a donation receipt, please state your first and last name and your full address.

The donation receipt will then be sent to you automatically by post by February of the following year. Donation receipts are usually only issued for donations of €200 or more. For donations of less than € 200, the bank statement is sufficient.

If you have any questions, please contact our membership and finance department: