On Monday, 16 March 2020, RTG (Radio Television Guinéenne) conducted an interview with the chairman of EuroGuinée e.V., Dr. Abdoulaye Diallo, about the activities of the association (NGO/ONG) in Guinea.

15.03.2019: Inauguration of the borehole in Sarébowal / Saramoussayah / Mamou in the presence of Ambassador Veltin Matthias with the delegation of the Coordination Office Germany / and Conakry/ Guinea: Dr. Abdoulaye Diallo/ Frau Gressert-Diallo; El Fadiga, Herr Saikou Barry.

The transfer was made to the rural community of Sarébowal.

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  • für den Ebola Ausbruch als Verwendungszweck  "EBOLA-Hilfe"
  • für den Gesundheitsposten Jean Claude Diallo als Verwendungszweck  "Gesundheitsposten JCD"
  • für Mama Bandelengue als Verwendungszweck "Mama Bandelengue"
  • für die Schule in Boke als Verwendungszweck "Schule in Boké"
  • für die Schule in Sanoyah als Verwendungszweck "Schulhygiene"
  • für die ländliche Entwicklung als Verwendungszweck "Gaoual" an.

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Office Conakry in cooperation with the diocese in Conakry

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Our partners EuroGuinée-Conakry in Guinea

Since 2006, our partner Euroguinée-conakry has been officially recognised as a non-governmental organisation in Guinea. See

Verlängerung der Convention 2017.pdf (French)
Verlängerung der Convention 2011.pdf (French)
Genehmigung_2006.pdf (French)

Fields of activity: Basic health (Jean Claude Diallo health post), humanitarian aid (victims of state violence in 2007-2009) in cooperation with the diocese of Conkakry and civil society, orphanage and street child care (Mama Bandenlengue) in cooperation with the church in Boké, support for the construction of a rural radio station (radio rurale) in Gaoual in cooperation with the local NGO, support for schools in the installation of sanitary facilities and health education.

 Qualification of the project staff:

The local responsible person at our partner EuroGuinee-Conakry in Guinea is Mrs. Fanta Diallo, chairwoman and representative for education and social affairs, responsible for human rights issues. She is a trained bank clerk and worked for a long time in her profession in various branches of the former state bank. She is also the former head of the state women's organisations and co-founder of the civil society in Gaoual and an active contributor to civil society in Conakry.
Mr. Bah Bano is a graduate administrative specialist, trained in Guinea, Senegal and France and has over 30 years of experience in this field.

Stand: Jan. 2019

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