Coyah Wash Project – May 2021

Medien / Presse (from Dr. Abdoulaye Diallo at 03.05.2021).

Health care through water, sanitation and hygiene in Coyah as a foundation for sustainable development. SDG(6)

The pandemic coronavirus is also spreading in Guinea. The government has imposed restrictions on public life similar to those imposed by governments in Europe. For a population living mainly on daily wages, the consequences are dramatic. Moreover, due to the lack of electricity in large parts of the country, it is not possible to stockpile food. The main victims are therefore the most vulnerable: mothers, children and the elderly, but also nurses. The aim of prevention is to create the conditions for the trained hygiene advisors to act as multipliers and personally educate the families in their households, thus making an important contribution to self-help. In this way, the support should have a lasting effect. One of the most important measures to combat COVID-19 is regular hand washing. This requires clean water. Especially for women and children, a clean water supply is vital in the districts, but also in the health posts of Coyah. Approximately 58,000 people live in the catchment area of 19 districts (as of 2019). In Coyah itself, few cases of Corona or Eboal infection have been reported so far, only in Guinea, according to statistics of 17.04.2021 (source: ANSS), there were 21 612 positive Corona cases out of 352 319 tested, of which 138 died and 18 973 recovered. Therefore, it is now important to sustainably support the population in Coyah and surrounding areas in prevention with water supply and awareness raising. With the construction of additional deep wells in the disadvantaged districts and the health posts, the structures are supplied with clean drinking water. Due to the size of the locations, the construction of the deep wells varies.


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