Radio interview from 16.03.2020

On Monday, 16 March 2020, RTG (Radio Television Guinéenne) conducted an interview with the chairman of EuroGuinée e.V., Dr. Abdoulaye Diallo, about the activities of the association (NGO/ONG) in Guinea.

Dr. Abdoulaye Diallo explained the history of the association as well as the current project in Coyah, where deep wells are being built at the market, in the schools and at the Autohof, sanitary facilities are being renovated or newly installed and a waste management concept is being developed. The waste concept includes the construction and commissioning of a reusable materials/recycling yard (organic waste; plastic and metal) on a 2000 m² site provided by the municipality of Coyah.

The chairman pointed out the important financial participation of the Commune urbaine de Coyah.

In a subsequent separate interview, the Mayor of the City of Coyah, Mr. A. Soumah, praised the contribution of German development cooperation and especially the implementation by EuroGuinée e.V. and EuroGuinée-Conakry for the sustainable development of his municipality.

The full interview will be broadcast (in French) every Tuesday at 7 pm and every Sunday at 8 am (local time) on the FM 88.5 frequency of RTG.

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