Overview of the health centre

 Overview of the Jean Claude Diallo Health Centre in Sarèbowal (Centre de Santé Jean Claude Diallo)

06S 0972The municipality of Sarèbowal is situated just under 380 Zur Bildergaleriekm northeast of the capital of Guinea, Conakry, at an altitude of about 800 m in the low mountain range of the Foutah Djallon. The Foutah-Djallon is known for an early theocratic formation of states of federalist structure, which was smashed by the French at the end of the 19th century. The municipality comprises several villages and its population is now about 4,760 people. The name of the village, “Sarèbowal”, means “town in the valley”.

The commune of Sarèbowal has a special historical significance, as it was once the seat of 08S 4116 Islamic scholars and sages. The mosque of Sarèbowal was built in 1641-43. The sages say that Sarèbowal is a holy place where prayers have a special power. Nearby is Timbo, former royal seat of the famous Islamic state.

In the European sense, poverty prevails in Sarèbowal and its surroundings. However, the typical symptoms of impoverishment and alienation, as they are found especially in the big cities, are not to be found here. Nevertheless, existing problems are massive and obvious. For the youth, the region offers hardly any stimulation and chances for a secure existence. Supply in the education and health sectors is extremely poor. Frequent are e.g. chronic worm diseases, symptoms of under- and malnutrition as well as eye inflammations up to blindness. There are no possibilities for first aid for snake bites, scorpion bites or other injuries on site. The nearest centre where help can be given is 16 km away.

People from Sarèbowal founded an association in Conakry in 1998. It is called: “Organisation pour le Développement de Sarèbowal” (Organisation for the Development of Sarèbowal). This association is involved in the development and implementation of mother-child projects, a health centre and adult education programmes to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of Sarèbowal and to counteract the increasing rural exodus.

CIMG4126The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Guinea approved the association’s plan to build a health centre and approved the submitted construction plans. The construction costs are about 50.000,- €. Thanks to a private donation of 2.500,- € from a German friend who visited Sarèbowal with Jean Claude Diallo, the residents were able to start the construction. In addition to the remaining costs for the completion of the building, there are costs for the purchase of medical equipment and material. Furthermore, two trained nurses have to be found who are willing to work in the centre.

Euro-Guineé e.V. has decided to support the association “Organisation pour le Développement de Sarèbowal” with donations for the completion of the health centre. Afterwards EuroGuineé would like to help to equip the centre with material and medical equipment as well as support the training of the nursing staff.

For more information about the project “Health Centre in Sarèbowal” you can contact Mrs Gressert-Diallo gressert-diallo@t-online.de.

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