First medical care in Sarèbowal

First medical care in Sarèbowal

Guinea Feb 092

Although the health station has not yet been officially inaugurated, the dentist, Dr. Reiss-Huke, her ex-husband Prof. Dr. Thomas Huke and Ahmed Barry have already provided the local population with dental care in February 2013.



Of course we hope that other dentists and doctors will follow.

A dental practice was placed in two suitcases, a folding dental chair had already been taken by Thomas and Ahmed, who had flown ahead to plan the whole logistics.
After an acclimatization day (departure on 8.2. with snow flurry, on arrival 34°C in the shade) we took off on Monday over a potholes-rich runway to Sarebowal, 400 km away (so a good day’s drive). When we arrived around 22:00 the whole village was still on its feet to give us a worthy welcome. And as the Imam said, if it wasn’t already so late and so dark, we could see the joy on their faces!
With the support of M. Barry, the local doctor’s assistant who helped me with the patient, my ex-husband and Mr. Ahmed Barry, who worked as a translator, we managed everything well.
Performance after 3 days: more than 200 extracted teeth, 15 fillings and fluoridations in 88 children.
The women danced in my honour as a farewell and gave me a living little black goat as a reward!
On my departure day they were served as a feast by Mrs. Hadja Fanta Diallo, representative of EuroGuinée e.V. in Conakry.

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